Painter and printmaker
   Etchings, oils, watercolours
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(Prices range from £30 to £200. Please contact
  the artist for individual prices)


33 x 25cms

Road to Edgefield

32 x 44cms

Edgefield Lane

17 x 13cms

Gunthorpe Church

33 x 24cms

In the Correze I

20 x 10cms

In the Correze II

20 x 10cms

Landscape after Rembrandt

33 x 24cms

Tree Stump, Winter

37 x 27cms

Interior with Sleeping Cat

19 x 15cms

Distant Clouds 30 x 10cms

Head of a Man

14 x 9cms

Lonely in Kings Lynn

38 x 27cms

Mother and Baby

14 x 7cms

Lane with Blakeney Church

21 x 25cms

Tracks I

14 x 25cms

Tracks II

13 x 9cms

Tracks in the Snow

10 x 7cms

Disused Railway Bridge

37 x 28cms

The Font

19 x 13cms

Tree Screen

35 x 29cms

Chamboulive I

61 x 27cms

Moonlit Night

25 x 19cms

Late Afternoon, Briston

20 x 10cms